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Below are a few words from our CEO, David Kingsley that were included in our first edition.

I am aware that some of you have been alongside us on our journey for many years, whereas others may only have recently come across our organisation. So, in this first newsletter, I have been asked to write a little about the story of Care in Mind from its first beginnings to the exciting organisation it has become today.

Care in Mind first came into being in 2008.  As a Consultant Psychiatrist in a Low Secure CAMHS service I was very aware of the difficulties in finding well supported community step-down placements for young people leaving hospital services who had often been inpatients for long periods. A significant minority of these patients required a more intensive level of support in the community to sustain their progress than could be provided by a loving family alongside a clinical based community mental health team.

Working alongside some clinical colleagues, we began offering a mental health outreach service into a new designated children’s home provided by a partner organisation.  We trained the residential team and we offered a fully CAMHS service including psychiatry, psychology and nursing and a 24/7 on-call support to the residential team to manage out of hours crisis situations.

After a few years of working into residential settings with several partner providers we observed that it was difficult to maintain a common culture across the health and social care components of the service and decided that it was time for us to open our own residential homes.  The first of these, Lyndhurst, opened in 2014.  Over subsequent years we have gone on to open 10 homes across the North of England, spread across Cheshire and Wirral, Lancashire and Yorkshire. 

From the outset we set ourselves up as an organisation that would put the young people and young adults we work with at the centre of all that we do.  Many of our young people have had difficult experiences of care-givers and care organisations previously and more than anything we aim to provide a caring and supportive setting where they feel at home and where they can make the changes needed to their lives, thoughts and behaviours that will help them to move toward recovery.  Our clinical teams work into our homes providing specialist therapy and support, but most important are the moment by moment interactions with residential care staff, who give so much of themselves and who always go the extra mile to show the young people their care for them. Our Participation team ensures that our service users have a voice in all aspects of the organisation.

We are proud of the progress we have made as an organisation but more than anything our satisfaction comes from hearing the stories of the young people who have been through our services and who are making positive and successful independent lives for themselves in their communities. 

In 2021 we branched out in a new direction when we opened our new Eating Disorder residential services at Edge Brook, in response to a clear gap in services highlighted by our commissioners and referrers.  The service has much in common with our other homes but includes specialist dietetic input and more intensive physical health monitoring with ‘in-house’ blood testing and ECGs.  So far the service has made an excellent beginning and we look forward to developing further services.

So what about the future for Care in Mind?  Well, at this time we are recovering from the impact of the COVID pandemic, as are all care services, and focusing on being the best we can be.  We hope in due course to spread out to other areas so that more young people and young adults can benefit from our services. In the meantime, we will continue to support and value our amazing staff teams so they can support the young people in their journeys toward growth and recovery.

To make a referral or to find out more information about our services, please call the team on 0161 638 3285 or email