Care in Mind Academy

Care in Mind Academy provides bespoke training for our employees in partnership with The Growth Company. The training offered by the Academy develops skills, knowledge and understanding and helps to fully engage our staff in the organisation and our model.  It also, importantly, gives staff the opportunity to achieve national qualifications and further their careers and personal development.

As an organisation, we recognise that Care in Mind needs to offer structured, well-planned and high-quality training for our staff.  We aim to generate a desire to learn amongst our workforce, creating a culture of improvement and learning which benefits the organisation through improved performance.

The Growth Company brings us a wealth of training experience in our sector and great customer service. They ensure that the training delivered by the CIM Academy meets the varying needs of our employees’ differing roles and the overall needs of the organisation as we continue to develop.

The Academy offers a fully accredited NVQ Framework programme, implemented across all our separate teams and residential homes.

Whilst including the NVQ (i.e. the ‘competency-based’ element) the Adult Framework also includes other knowledge elements which offer a wider learning experience to our employees.

The content/units of the qualification will be mapped against the specific requirements of our job descriptions and individual team members across the organisation.

Eligibility Criteria

Colleagues must have successfully completed their probationary period in order to qualify for enrolment on any Academy course.

Employees who have not previously attained a Level 4 qualification or its academic equivalent will automatically be eligible; those with existing qualifications at this level will need to agree any additional training with their line manager and this will be dependent upon service need.

Awards Ceremonies

We are very proud of our staff and their achievements and our annual Awards Ceremony helps our staff to feel that their work is valued. It shows approval and gratitude for each employee’s contribution and makes our staff aware that their hard work will be rewarded. The awards help staff to strive for the excellence from which we all benefit, especially our young people.

Our awards ceremonies are a chance for us to thank and congratulate our staff and reflect on successes. Our ceremonies are fun and relaxing events where staff can celebrate their achievements with their peers and families.

NVQ Programmes

The following NVQ programmes are offered:

  • Health & Social Care Level 2
  • Health & Social Care Level 3
  • Leadership in Health & Social Care Level 5
  • Business Administration Level 2
  • Business Administration Level 3
  • Team Leading Level 2
  • Management Level 3
  • Management Level 4
  • Leadership and Management Level 5