Brockenhurst is a beautiful detached property situated in a quiet suburb of Warrington which is easily accessible via public transport links.  The house is spacious and bright with a lovely open plan kitchen dining area, which is considered the hub of the house.  The bedrooms are spacious and well decorated, creating a bright and calm atmosphere.  There is a canal nearby along which young people and staff can walk into the nearby village of Appleton.  There are plenty of local amenities including restaurants and a leisure centre, which allows the young people to access meaningful vocational and leisure activities whilst building on their independence skills.

The Brockenhurst team work collaboratively with the young people from the point of assessment and transition to identify their goals, and develop person-centred individualised care plans which are reviewed regularly, ensuring they are relevant, remain meaningful for the young person, and provide a sense of continued progress and achievement.

The young people are invited to attend young person feedback groups and house meetings to ensure inclusion and collaboration within all elements of the therapeutic package of care and their home.