Since 2012, Care in Mind been offering specialist mental health packages to young people aged 16-25 in residential care settings. Our innovative and evidence-based model of care aims to support young people presenting with high levels of risk and complexity in the least restrictive setting.

Edge Brook is one of our specialist ED services, providing specialist mental health residential support for young people with complex eating disorder presentations. Our unique model provides 24/7 on-call and crisis interventions to support our young people in maintaining a community placement, avoiding readmission, and progressing with their recovery.

At Care in Mind, placing the young person at the centre of their care is central to our ethos. Each young person benefits from support by our residential staff team, who have considerable training to support them in managing complex ED / mental health presentations, and specialist support provided by our comprehensive consultant-led MDT, with expertise in working with eating disorders.

At Edge Brook, the core elements of the Care in Mind model underpin the way in which we support young people, with additional specialist interventions to support the complex ED client group, based on comprehensive individual assessment and formulation.

Edge Brook is a  located in a quiet suburb of Bolton, with links to nearby Manchester. It is a spacious, comfortable home with a well-maintained garden space to be enjoyed in the warmer months. Each of the five bedrooms are of a good size, with young people being encouraged to make their bedroom into their own space when living at Care in Mind.

All our young people participate in the daily running of the house, therefore developing their independence skills. The young people have a monthly house meeting where they can, if needed, discuss any concerns with each other in a controlled environment, supporting the ongoing development of interpersonal skills and effectiveness.