Having been established since 2015, Oakhurst is a great place with a supportive close-knit team and enthusiastic young people.  The young people are supported to ensure they have structure to their day and are encouraged to participate in activities with each other within the home, for example arts and crafts and cooking, in order to build on their interpersonal skills and relationships.

The Safewards for Safe Homes model ensures that clear mutual expectations are in place for both the young people and the staff team, facilitating effective therapeutic relationships between the young people and their team.

Oakhurst is placed on the edge of a farm and has an emphasis on the inclusion of the young people in their local community. The Oakhurst team have taken advantage of its rural setting in order to provide the young people with some amazing opportunities.

For example, they have been lucky to have ’hands on’ experience feeding and raising lambs, even having observed some of the  lambs ‘coming into the world’, which the young people found fascinating!

The farmer on whose land Oakhurst is located is very supportive of the house and also encourages the staff and young people to spend time with his dogs, offering the opportunity to take them for long walks along the canal.

Oakhurst has excellent links with local education provision including the local college. As a result of this, coupled with encouragement and support for the young people, we have seen some young people recently transition out of the home and successfully secure university places, as well as others moving to live independently in the community.

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