The Beeches is a 3 storey rural home in Selby with spacious communal areas and gardens. The home previously belonged to a fashion designer and is decorated beautifully with hand painted wallpaper, exquisite bathrooms and decorative chandeliers.  There are even Harry Potter style bookcases in the dining room! The kitchen has a large AGA and a central breakfast bar with a comfortable seating area to encourage a social aspect to the kitchen.

Outdoors we encourage people to get involved in growing fruit and vegetables, supporting them with sustainable living for the future.  Outside of the home we arrange fun activities that support healthy living and visit educational sites.

Our service aims to support young people throughout their recovery pathway by facilitating the development of alternative coping strategies when managing emotional dysregulation and distress, and supporting them to engage in all aspects of their care pathway.   The home offers structured 1:1 time along with group activities, encouraging sleep hygiene, psychoeducation and supporting relaxation time at the end of every day.  This promotes a calm safe environment. These strategies are supported by the Safewards for Safe Homes model, including strategies such as the ‘calm down box’, where young people can access tools and activities in order to help them manage times of distress.

Effective multidisciplinary communication and  relationships with allocated clinicians allows the residential team to work consistently with the Care in Mind model of care, underpinned by a therapeutic risk taking approach, therefore providing the most positive outcomes for the young people.

The staff team have vast experiences of working with people with complex mental health difficulties and this, combined with the work of the psychologists and our clinical nurses, means our young people receive an exceptional level of care and expertise.

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