Specialist Residential Care

Care in Mind provides safe and clinically effective specialist residential care. As an organisation rooted in mental health care, Care in Mind began its existence by providing mental health support for residential care for other providers.  However, it became clear that the cultural divide between mental health and social care can be difficult to bridge, making it difficult to provide consistent care.  Care in Mind, therefore, decided to begin to provide mental health supported residential care within a single organisation, allowing us to work with one common model.  This has been a great success and has allowed for much more effective care for our young people.  We provide considerable training for our residential staff to give them the skills and knowledge they need to manage complex mental health issues effectively.  Many of our residential managers have acquired the Postgraduate Diploma in CAMHS from the University of Central Lancashire.

Our consultant-led mental health teams work out of geographical ‘hubs’ and support both the residential teams and the young people within the homes in their area.  This provides the specialist input that is needed to assist the residential teams in managing our complex young people.  We are sometimes asked about why we provide our Mental Health support in-house rather than working with local CAMHS or adult mental health.  The answer is that with the riskiest and most complex clients, it is hard to ensure consistency in the therapeutic approach and this can be confusing and destabilising for young people and can ultimately make it more difficult to manage risk successfully and lead to poorer outcomes.  Our model of care, underpinned by attachment theory, combines several evidence-based approaches which have been carefully adapted to the needs of our young people and the staff who support them.

24/7 support from our clinical team helps us to manage crises effectively and avert unnecessary admissions by liaising closely with Accident and Emergency Departments and Crisis Teams.  All our young people are under the care of our Consultant Psychiatrist, who leads on our therapeutic risk taking model.

We believe that a Care in Mind placement is an investment in a young person’s future.  We can positively shift the trajectory for a young person who may have lost hope and/or developed unhelpful coping styles, by breaking cycles of repeat admission or multiple placements and offering hope for the future.

Professionals working into our specialist residential placements are as follows:

  • Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Family Therapist
  • Art Therapist
  • Registered Manager
  • Deputy Manager
  • Residential Team Leaders
  • Mental Health Support Workers