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Care in Mind is a CQC registered provider offering publicly funded specialist mental health supported residential placements to the NHS and Local Authorities across the North of England and the Midlands.

We work with young people and young adults aged 16-25 with significant mental health difficulties who are often leaving the hospital or secure care and who require a higher level of support on discharge than other services can provide.

Our residential placements can also sometimes provide an alternative to hospital admission, freeing scarce beds for those for whom admission is the only option.  In this way, we are able to assist in the objectives of the government strategy paper ‘Future in Mind’, by providing alternatives to inpatient beds and reducing lengths of admission.

Care in Mind support significant levels of complexity and risk in the community avoiding the pitfalls of long inpatient admissions, such as escalations in risk and increased dependency.  In this way, we can support young people to stay connected to the people and places that are important to them and to continue their education and other activities in a less restrictive setting.

We can also offer step-down supported living packages with reducing levels of support, to assist those leaving residential care in making their transition to fully independent living.

Care in Mind provides safe and clinically effective residential care.  Our model of care, underpinned by attachment theory, combines several evidence-based approaches which have been carefully adapted to the needs of our young people and the staff who support them.

24/7 support from our clinical team helps us to manage crises effectively and avert unnecessary admissions by liaising closely with Accident and Emergency Departments and Crisis Teams.  All our young people are under the care of our Consultant Psychiatrist, who leads on our therapeutic risk taking model.

We believe that a Care in Mind placement is an investment in a young person’s future.  We can positively shift the trajectory for a young person who may have lost hope and/or developed unhelpful coping styles, by breaking cycles of repeat admission or multiple placements and offering hope for the future.

Care in Mind is committed to innovation and evidence-based practice and strives to deliver thoughtful high-quality care to young people, exceeding regulatory requirements.

Having continually refined our approach since we began this work in 2009, we are delighted to report that our outcomes are now demonstrating a level of success with these complex young people that few other organisations can match.

Moderate or Severe Depression and/or Anxiety

Attachment Disorders

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Eating Disorders

Formal or Emerging Personality Disorders

Psychotic Illnesses

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