Negative body image and an unhealthy relationship with food has unfortunately become commonplace within society.

Tackling these issues can feel overwhelming, whether it is a personal battle or one you want to help someone else face. To help, our Clinical Nurse Specialist and Eating Disorder Lead, Emma Shearer, has pieced together some top tips for tackling poor body image.

1. Prepare and eat food together. Make it a fun activity, perhaps even a positive distraction from negative feelings.

2. Avoid talking about diets and weight loss, especially around mealtimes, as this can be damaging for those struggling.

3. Add variety into your diet and let go of the ‘treat’ food mentality. Don’t be afraid of eating what you want, in moderation.

4. Engage in moderate exercise, making it a fun activity, such as: a dog walk, gardening or a bike ride in the park.

5. Consider how you describe your own body or that of others – is there an implied criticism of yourself or others?

Whilst there may be more to recovery than just these tips, they are an ideal place to start. Small changes can eventually lead to a bigger shift within your mental health!