Care in Mind Recruitment Coordinator, Matthew Fletcher, shares his unique take on adapting recruitment processes during a global pandemic.

My experience working remotely from home has been positive all-round. Recruitment is the backbone of any business and it is something that we have managed to keep on top of. We are experiencing a rise in applications across the board so we initially vet each suitable candidate over the telephone to discuss the company, the role and the current pandemic which we are facing, and ultimately to discover whether a career with Care in Mind is what they truly want.

The Recruitment Team have adapted and are growing evermore resilient by the day whether it be communicating over Microsoft Teams, Tele-vetting candidates more thoroughly, engaging with current candidates through the onboarding process or thinking up new, smart ways to recruit during such hard times.

We have strengthened our already strong engagement methods with candidates who are going through onboarding and offered regular support and catch ups which has enabled us to retain a high percentage of them. Sometimes onboarding can take longer than we would like due to reference checks and DBS checks being carried out, so offering continual engagement throughout is something I find essential.

The pandemic has resulted in some people choosing to leave their current working industry, and we have welcomed them into a career within health and social care.

It has proven everybody’s hard working and collaborative nature, which is enabling us to grow our Residential, Clinical and Office based-teams and become even more robust.