Stubble Bank is a double bay-fronted, five bedroomed Victorian detached house within a short drive of the town centre. The house has extensive original  features throughout. The main house offers spacious communal areas and five bedrooms for young people.  The young people at Stubble Bank have added their personal touches to the home which creates a really homely atmosphere.

All our young people participate in the daily running of the house, therefore developing their independence skills. The young people have a monthly house meeting where they can, if needed, discuss any concerns with each other in a controlled environment, supporting the ongoing development of interpersonal skills and effectiveness.

Young people benefit from the use of the Structured Clinical Management model, which provides a problem-solving focus along with routine and consistency for clinical sessions.  It is complementary to the Safewards for Safe Homes model that we use within the residential team.  The residential and clinical teams work effectively and collaboratively.  Allocated clinicians are supported by the use of the Mental Health Recovery Star, to work with the young people to achieve their recovery goals.

All of the young people’s activities are scheduled onto weekly planners, completed by the young people to ensure they have planned their week ahead, offering the structure and containment that they often need.

The young people have a range of animals which are all cared for by them, including managing their own finances to do this appropriately, supporting the further development of independence skills.

The staff team at Stubble Bank bring enthusiasm and motivation, which encourages the young people to work towards personal goals and feel proud of their achievements. The commitment from the staff team really shows, and the positive feedback from both external  professionals and stakeholders, as well as the young people who have moved on, evidences this.