Care in Mind is a recovery focused service. Our model of care includes a care pathway that begins with specialist and intensive residential care with wrap around clinical interventions. The service aims to create a stable environment where young people are able to develop secure attachments to their teams and within that context begin to manage their risk and mental health needs more independently, and to learn effective ways to progress with their lives towards independence.

Care in Mind Care Pathway: Step 1 - TransitionTransition

  • Meet residential team
  • Meet clinical MDT and begin assessments
  • Introduction to SCM-A (Structured Clinical Management)
  • Goal setting for placement, supported by Mental Health Recovery Star
  • Transferral of attachment relationships


  • Building relationships and forming healthy attachments
  • Monthly MDT reviews
  • Formal psychological assessments measures and formulation
  • Engage meaningfully with therapeutic interventions and work towards therapeutic alliances
  • Develop positive weekly routines, start to think about education/vocation.


Care in Mind's Care Pathway: Step 3 - InterventionIntervention

  • Weekly psychological therapy
  • SCM-A: weekly Clinical Nurse Specialist sessions and skills group
  • Monthly MDT review with consultant psychiatrist
  • Regular review of goals in line with Mental Health Recovery Star
  • Regular core group meetings with key team and CNS to review care and risk management plans
  • Solidification of skills, development of responsibility and resilience.

Care in Mind's Care Pathway; Step 4 - Independence PlanningIndependence Planning

  • Consider future planning and aspirations including the possible step-down or independence options
  • Option to begin looking for own tenancy to be supported by reducing package of care from Care in Mind.

Care in Mind Independence PackageCare in Mind's Care Pathway: Step 5 - CIM Independence Package

As part of our bespoke packages of care, we are able to provide structured packages of tailored support into an independent tenancy, providing continuity of care from the team both residentially and clinically. Support is gradually reduced in line with individual independence goals, with the aim of moving into complete independence from our services in a gradual and formulated way.

Care in Mind's Care Pathway: Step 6 - IndependenceIndependence

  • Independent tenancy maintained without Care in Mind input, with planned endings and links into local services