Why should my child come to Care in Mind?

Often families can feel powerless when their child is being looked after away from home.  Families and carers of young people who come to Care in Mind may also have had difficult experiences with services, become frustrated and lost some confidence in professionals.  We would like Care in Mind to be a fresh start for your young person and we want you to be as involved in their care as both you and they would like.  We like to think that we are different at Care in Mind from other care providers for the following reasons…

  • We will involve families and carers in a young person’s care as far as is appropriate at the time
  • We will facilitate young people staying connected to the people and places that are important to them
  • Where relationships are difficult we will try to support you in your experience of this
  • We provide support for families throughout a young person’s placement
  • We will look after your child sensitively, taking their views and feelings into account
  • We have really pleasant home environments that help young people feel valued and cared for
  • We look after young people in small groups that are carefully matched
  • We have a good track record in working with risks and reducing these, but without using ‘hands on’ approaches
  • We have a specialist clinical team that will work closely with your child and the residential team
  • We try to create a culture of respect between young people, staff, families and carers
  • We will work with your child toward independence – to go to college, get a job, do some voluntary work and ultimately move on from our service

Our Aim

To motivate and empower families to identify their own needs, strengths and resources and to work alongside families and carers to develop services in a way that values and builds shared understanding and skills to support young people within our care towards recovery.


What we do

At Care in Mind, we are committed to supporting and working alongside the families and carers of our young people. We understand that having a child within services can leave families/carers feeling ‘on the outside’. As well as gathering feedback about our service, we are developing systems to engage the families of our current and past young people to develop support structures and forums that you can access, to learn about how we work and the support that we offer and to share your experiences with us and with other parents and carers.