Westfield House is a detached house located in Neston in Wirral.  It is close to local travel links for Liverpool and Manchester.  The house is set back from the main road with its own private drive.  There is a large garden to the rear of the house with a vegetable patch, greenhouse, and chicken coop, giving the young people opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge of sustainable living.

The house is large and bright with plenty of space for community life.  There are two kitchens, which allows young people to  develop their culinary skills and confidence in the kitchen in a separate space rather than in the main kitchen, as this can be anxiety provoking for some young people as they develop new skills.

There are plenty of local amenities for the young people to enjoy, including restaurants, parks and shopping outlets, which ensures the young people have access to appropriate vocational and leisure activities within the structure of their weekly plans.

The young people are active participants in the planning of their care, which is supported by the Care in Mind service user involvement strategies. The CiM therapeutic risk management policy encourages the young people to work collaboratively with their care team to develop effective alternatives to their previous maladaptive coping strategies.

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